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Going galvanized!

Yay!  It’s Friday!  I’m so excited to share with you another Friday Find.  Today I’m sharing something from the Dollar Tree because, hey, who doesn’t like stuff for a dollar?  Especially those of you who follow along for ideas for women’s ministry.  Yeah.  I know you are all on tight budgets or the little extras come out of your own pockets as leaders.

Galvanized Metal Vases from Dollar Tree

How cute are these little galvanized vases from the Dollar Tree?  Wouldn’t they make great centerpieces for some of your women’s ministry functions?  Or if you like that farmhouse style in your home, you could grab a few of these.  They are 6.75-in. tall, and have a 4.75-in. opening.

Find them on the Dollar Tree website here!

You could tie twine around them or even some ribbon.  Gingham ribbon on them might be fun.   I can just see some bright colored spring flowers in these and I am so looking forward to spring!

I like the Dollar Tree for things for women’s events because you can always order cases from them online and have free in-store pickup on most things.  That’s always a help for retreats and things like that.

If you need help on building a prop closet with items like this for your women’s ministry, there is an article on my main website here.  My top picks for women’s ministry supplies are here.

FYI, I don’t get any compensation for sharing my Friday Finds.  Just sharing cause I like to!  Where is your favorite place to find vases for your events?

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




Keeping it under glass!

Since I have so many ideas I’ve saved and I love sharing, I thought as I have ended Takeaway Tuesdays, I would start up Friday Finds.  Every Friday I will share with you some type of fun project or idea that I have found on the internet.  I know so many of you come here looking for ideas for women’s ministry and there are lots of great ideas floating around the web that we can use and try for our ministries.

To get us started, I have found a great little product from Factory Direct Craft.  I’ve ordered from there in the past for projects I’ve done.  Spring is coming and will be here before we know it so when I spied these little terrariums on their website, a bell went off.  Ding!  What a fun little project for favors or for making a group craft at a spring retreat.

DIY Terrariums to try

Photo Source:  Factory Direct Craft

I was thinking maybe find some of those little things like they decorate the little fairy gardens with.  So many ideas for these!

DIY Plastic Terrariums

Photo Source:  Factory Direct Craft

Right now they are 7.99 for 6.  Even with adding a few supplies, it’s not a bad price for a group project.  Especially as this is something new.  At least for me.  I’ve never decorated a mini cloche.  Have you?  Finding new craft projects for retreats is getting harder and harder.  At least I think so.  People ask me all the time for ideas for retreat crafts and sometimes I just feel so empty of creativity where this kind of stuff is concerned.


You can find these little clothes on the Factory Direct Craft website at the link below:

Miniature Acrylic Cloches

I love cloches and would love a regular size one for my home.  (Not one of these mini plastic ones.  Haha!)  I’m on the look out for one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…or two legs.  Why are they so expensive?  They are just glass!

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you will enjoy Friday Finds!

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




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