Inspirational Gallery of Quotes and Bible VersesThese are some graphics I have made up of Bible verses, quotes, and sayings for my Facebook and website. Feel free to post them to your Facebook pages, Pinterest, blogs, or any other social media.


You can find some Christmas sayings and quotes to share over in The Computer Room on my main website (Creative Ladies Ministry)

I trust you will gain a little bit of inspiration and encouragement from the pages.

Have a Creative Day, Julia

33 Responses to Inspirational

  • Evelyn says:

    Julia, thank you so mucho for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    • celia Cousins says:

      Your website has been a blessing to me. I am so happy you took the time out to share it with us all. I use it to guide me in my Ladies Ministry

      God bless you

  • Joy Riddle says:

    Love your website, I am so glad I found it. Your devotional are just what I needed and the craft ideas
    are really great. God bless you.

  • I love the lord and do a lot of crafting and hospitality and womens ministry is my gift .every thing I have seen on your pages. I am not real computer savvy so have only face book and email thanks and bless you!

  • Angie Delgado says:

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas. Wauu this website is very helpful. I love it. May God Continue to Bless your talent so you can continue to bless other womans.

  • Pat says:


    I was looking for a little encouragement. Thanks for giving me that. I am trying to find my way right now. I am trying to be retired and things are not really going as planned:( I read something this morning that really moved me. I made it personal “God help me abandon myself for you so that I may discover your will for my life. This is what I need and want to do please pray for ME!!!”

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Pat. Thanks for your comments. I know life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s for sure. Sending up some prayers for you. Thanks for stopping in.

  • Dale says:

    So love all that you do! Can you provide these in the shape and format that is panoramic? Just the right size that fills and fits in the header of a page using word? I use inspirational art and verses for monthly meetings for our women’s ministry.

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Dale. I’m sorry but I can’t make them that size for you. These are mostly ones that I do for my Facebook page so that’s why they are the size they are. Thanks for your comments.

  • Julia,
    You are a wonderful inspiration for me because the Leader of our ladies ministries asked me to take over her position. She passed away last year and it is a great loss to our ladies group and left me in an awkward position. I am not a leader nor a very crafty person, so when I ran across your website, I just knew god directed me to your location! thank you for the many inspired blessings, gift ideas, devotions that you post ….. i have used a lot of them and hope it’s okay because I can not do this by myself. you are an angel and a blessing from god. sincerely, ihs, judith

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Judith. Thanks for stopping in. I appreciate your kind words and yet, it’s fine that you use the ideas and devotions on the website. That’s what they are there for. Have a blessed day. :-)

  • Marilyn Brown says:

    I can not put into words how blessed i am by this site. Julia, you are more gifted than you realize and From the bottom of my heart, i thank you foR sharing your messages, your insight, and yourself. May God bless you because you are definitely being Used for his Glory. Please let me know how i can send you a financial blessing.

  • Shelia Berry says:

    Thank you for all of the helpful, inspirational, and creative information you share with others. May god bless you special.

  • barbara says:

    Hi Julia,

    i have gleaned from this website nd love the creative ideas that god has given you. thank you also for allowing us to share from your inspirational gallery. please also visit my website to see what the lord is doing in my life to minister to others. all the glory and praise to our savior!

  • Margaret Myrtle says:

    I don’t know how I would manage to lead the Ladies Ministry at church if not for you. I get ideas and then I run with them using some of yours and some of mine and others. I thank God for you and your website. Thank you doesn’t quite seem to be enough but just know how much you are appreciated. Thanks again! Margaret

  • Naty G. says:

    oh, wow, it was a big blessing. Thank you

  • Paula Reuther says:

    Dear Julia,. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I will use them in our secret sisters group. What a blessing you are.. thank you, paula

  • florence burgess says:

    Hi Julia, i give god thanks your RECOVERY, and i pray that god continue to inspire you, i use your devotions all the time in our women’s ministry meeting,

    i thank God for you, may you continue to commit yourself to god so that he can continue to inspire you.

  • Karen Breaux says:

    Can you please send me your “Fill My Cup” Devotion information? Thank you

  • Ruby Barnes says:

    yOU GO GIRL! WITH EVERY WORD i AM HAPPY IN MY HEART! truly you are an inspiration to many. Be blessed and keep up the good work1

  • DEBRA says:

    Julia, just wanted to thank you. I’m going to head our Wm this year and you site has helped me tremendously. I’ve purchased a few helps from your site. It has made me even more excited. God Bless you and thank you for helpingthose who don’t have a clue. Thank you for your unselfishness.

  • Sherry says:

    At one time you had a list of meal themes for meetings and I’m unable to find it. any chance of getting it?

  • Janice says:

    I have been in charge of the Mother/Daughter brunch at our church going on 14 years. I have no idea how I would have managed without your web site and your inspirational ideas. Our ladies are always so impressed with the themes and all I can say is “thank you Julia Bettencourt”!! God Bless you and I look forward each year to your wonderful ideas!!

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Janice, Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I’m glad the website has been a help to you. That is always a blessing to hear. I appreciate the encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

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