Hey Cupake Liner!

I’ve been wanting to make one of those cupcake wreaths that float around Pinterest so this past weekend I finally gave it a try.  I bought the Wilton cupcake liners from the Valentine’s section at Wal-Mart to use.

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and also it’s my daughter Tara’s birthday on the 13th so I figure it is a nice time to put a cupcake wreath on my door.

Cupcake Liner DIY Wreath

There are different directions for this all over the web.  Some people glue theirs on.  Some people use straight pins.  I personally found that neither worked well on its own, so I did both on my wreath.

DIY Cupcake Wreath Supplies

All you do is place the straight pin through the center of a cupcake liner.  Place your finger in the middle of the liner.  Squeeze the bottom (without poking your finger with the pin) and fluff it up around your finger a bit.  Glue a few drops of hot glue close to the bottom where the pin comes through the back.  Then poke the pin into a Styrofoam wreath form.  Fill in your form as you see fit.

I purchased a container of liners with 150 in them.  I didn’t count exactly but I think I had around 40 or so left.  It takes quite a few liners if you want it tight and fluffy.  My wreath form was 10 inches.

DIY Cupcake Wrapper Wreath Layered StepAs you can see above, some of my cupcake liners I layered, using one plain one and one patterned one.  I thought it gave it a little more life.  I put five clusters of doubled ones in first to ground it.

Cupcake Wrapper DIY Styrofoam WreathThen I filled the rest in with single liners.  As I was filling in with the single liners, some I turned inside out.  Some I did right side up.  I went clear around the outside edge of the wreath form.

DIY Cupcake Wrapper Wreath CenterOn the center edge of the wreath, I folded the cupcake liners into fourths and adhered them, layering around and overlapping each other by gluing and poking the straight pins through the points as I went.  See above photo.  It’s a view from the back of the finished wreath.

DIY Valentine's Cupcake Liner Wreath

I made little heart picks by punching out a few cupcake liners with a heart paper punch and adhered them to cardstock punched hearts.  Then I glued them onto long toothpicks and poked them into the bottom center of my wreath.

I pushed a floral wire into the back of the wreath form to make a hanger.  One thing about a Styrofoam cupcake wreath, it sure is lightweight!

Overall, I was pleased with how my wreath turned out.

If you have never read my cupcake devotional, you can find it here.

Have a creative day,
Have a creative day!

2 Responses to DIY Cupcake Wreath

  • Deb says:

    Hey Julia,
    I came across your page and loved the verses to print.
    nice job. I will be using the bibke verses as soon as the printer gets going. I live on Long Island in N.Y. and lead a fellowship that we just began in Dec.
    I did not want just a bible study but wanted to enhance the study with more……I.E. crafts, games etc.
    Thank you for helping me out with the verses for this month.

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