Pretty candles all in a row.

Today I’m sharing a craft for candy candles.  I’ve made these in the past and I did have them on my old blog probably six or seven years ago.  Thought I’d make a few for New Years.  They are easy to make with just Breath Saver (or Life Saver) rolls , Hershey’s Kisses , and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

I think the last time I made these I used Peppermint Patties sandwiched between two scallop cardstock cut-outs for the base instead of the Reeses Cups.  It was back when they made Peppermint Patties with the round packaging.  Now the packaging is square.

Lifesaver Candy Candle Craft

My tags are handwritten and say,  “Let Christ be seen in 2016“.   You can find out more about that motto and some others for 2016 in a devotional that I posted to the Creative Ladies website today.

New Year's Candy Candle Craft

The mint rolls are just covered with scraps of wrapping paper and scrapbook paper.  The thinner the scrapbook paper, the better.  The heavier weight seems to pop off because I tried it before in the past and it just doesn’t work well.  I like using wrapping paper on these.


  • Rolled mints or candy (Breath Savers, Life Savers) for candle.
  • Hershey’s Kisses for the flame.  I used the caramel ones because I knew I’d have leftovers and my kids love those.  Besides, they kind of look like they are on fire.
  • Mini Reeses Cups for base.
  • Transparent Tape
  • Low Temperature Glue Gun
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Tape Measure (for measuring the size of paper you will need)
  • Ribbon and embellishments.
  • Tags if desired.


  • Measure your mint/candy roll (length and width) leaving a little extra on the width to overlap and tape together.
  • Cut your paper to the size of your rolls and attach.  Use transparent tape along the seam.
  • Use a low temp glue gun on the bottom of your rolled mints and attach to top of the Reeses Cup.  Hold for about 30 seconds.
  • Use the hot glue gun (low temp) and glue the top of the rolled mints and attach the Hershey’s Kiss.  Hold for 30 seconds.
  • Tip–Make sure you go around the edges and not just the middle of the ends of rolled mints with your hot glue.  Your base  and  “flame” will stay on better.
  • Attach a ribbon or doll up any way you see fit.  Attach your ribbon on the opposite side of your taped seam.  The seam should be the back.
  • Attach a tag if desired.

New Year's Lifesavers Candle Craft

Thanks for stopping in.  Do you have a motto for the New Year?

I searched and found an old photo of where I had made these candles in the past.  It’s tiny and not so good of a photo but you get the idea of how they look with the sandwiched candy scallops for the base.  Any wrapped flat round candy will do if you want to make them that way.  Sometimes you can get the Palmer mint wrapped candy like that at the Dollar Tree.

candle candle with rolled candy

I hope you will stop over at the main website and read the devotional for the 2016 New Year’s mottos, “Hopes and Expectations“.

New Year's Devotional by Julia Bettencourt

Have a creative day,
Have a creative day!


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