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I can’t stop making flowers!  I saw some directions for using fabric (polyester blend) and making petals, then melting the edges so I thought I’d give it a try.  You have to use something with a poly blend because you want it to melt.  It was really one of the most relaxing crafts I’ve done in a while.  This is a good Netflix craft.  I melted my edges while watching Netflix.  I set up a tray table and went to work.

DIY Fabric Flower Peony Wreath

I found my material on the clearance table at Wal-Mart for $1.00 per yard.  Yeah!  They had all colors in this fabric.  I’m going to have to do some flowers in different colors.  What I will make them for I just don’t know but they were so much fun.  I told my husband I was going to have to start me an Etsy shop just so I’d have an excuse to make pretty flowers.

DIY Fabric Flower Basket of Peonies

For the ones in the photo above I put pearls in the centers.  I thought these ones would make cute package toppers or I could use them on anything.  My oldest daughter does photography so I might make her a few headbands for her props.

DIY Fabric Flower Peony Petals
You can see that even before you put them together they look like petals!

DIY Fabric Flower Peony Leaves

I had not seen anyone make leaves and melt them but hey I thought I’d try and I really like how the leaves turned out.

How did I make these?

Basically I just cut three sizes of circles, held them over a lit candle and turned them around melting all the edges.  If you try this, you must be careful not to burn yourself.  On the smaller ones you can use craft tweezers.  I have some that I use for embossing.

Next I layered them.  I put about four each of the larger petals and about three of the two smaller size petals for each flower.  I didn’t really make them all the same.  Some I used more of the same size layers.  Some not.  I just layered them till I thought they looked good.

I took a needle and thread and went up through the back through all the layers and made a few stitches to keep them together.  I saw on a few of the tutorials online where people stitched each petal a few stitches as they kept layering.  I thought that was way too much work when the layers are so thin and a needle easily goes though all the layers.  I guess if you wanted to put them on wire for a vase, you might want to do them individually or a different way but for what I wanted it wasn’t necessary.

For the leaves, I cut various size leaf shapes (no pattern involved).  Then melted those edges as well.

I added felt circles to the backs to give them a finished look on the ones that I want to use for package toppers and headbands.  Just be sure if you are adding buttons or pearls to the centers by stitching them through the back that you do that before you put the felt back on.

Here’s a few links to some tutorials online to melt the petals and make similar flowers.  I didn’t exactly follow all of the directions on any tutorial.  I just used the basic idea.  I think too many tutorials take unnecessary steps but I’ll share a few links to some if you like that step by step thing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a creative day!
Have a creative day!

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