Beyond the eggs and jellybeans.


Easter Story Eggs Printable Tags

I redid some of the older Easter craft printable tags that I have had on the main website.  They were 10 years or more old so I thought a little updating was in order.

The first one is to go with little items to tell the Easter Story that you place into a plastic Easter egg.  There are variations of this all over the web but I like this shorter version.  It’s the one that was given to my oldest daughter when she was in grade school.  She’s 28 now so that shows you how long ago it was.

Print three on a page directly from the web here or save the graphic below to your computer.
Easter Story Egss Craft Printable

The second goes with jelly beans to share the Gospel.  Print three on a page directly from the web here or save the graphic below to your computer.
Gospel Jelly Bean Easter Tag

Artwork for both of these printables is made by Trina Clark.
Purchased at Digi Scrap Kits.


Warning: Please don’t give these to smaller children because they are full of tiny objects.

What You Will Need For Each Story Egg:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs  To fill with the symbols.
  • Ribbon or string to tie on tag
  • Penny (to represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas used to betray Christ.
  • Leather Strip (to represent the reed used to beat Christ)
    You can usually find on rolls at craft stores.
  • Nails (to represent the nails used to nail Christ to the cross)
  • Thorn (to represent the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head)
    I usually cut pieces of stem from rose bushes in about 1 1/2 inch lengths.
  • Cross (to represent the cross he was placed upon)
    I usually find small twigs and cut them to size,
    using a dot of hot glue to glue them together.
  • Linen (to represent the linen cloth they wrapped Christ in after His death)
    Any white material will do.
    I usually cut it into approximately 1 inch squares.
  • Stone (to represent the stone placed in the opening of the tomb)
    Just make sure they are small enough to fit inside the eggs along with all of the other symbols.
  • Story Tag With Symbol Meanings and Scriptures  You’ll find the tags below.

Place one of each item inside plastic eggs. Attach story tag (or fold up and place inside egg)



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Have a creative day,
Have a creative day!

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