***UPDATE**  10/25/13– I’m getting a few emails about where to find the Rocky Road candy bars to go with this blog post.  I didn’t know until today that they didn’t sell them Nationally so if you are out East, you may not find them.  Here’s the link to Annabelle’s Candy which makes them.  You can use their locator to see if they carry it in a store in your town.  http://www.annabelle-candy.com/index.php?pg=stores

If you are ambitious, there are lots of recipes for Rocky Road Candy online.  It’s pretty easy.  Basically marshmallows, chocolate, and nuts.  Rocky Road ice-cream is another option.  Most places that sell ice-cream carry those mini single serving containers.


Traveling that rocky road.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I would be having another variation of the 7-Up tag.  This one is to give out to someone who’s going through a hard time or situation (a “rocky road”).  There’s always someone we know that could use some encouragement.  I’m sure many of you have heard that saying that most people “just went through a trial, are in a trial, or getting ready to go through a trial” (something like that).

The tag is to go along with a 7Up bottle and a Rocky Road candy bar.  Of course if you wanted to take a friend some Rocky Road ice cream instead, I’m sure that would be okay too!

Small Gift Idea: 7Up w/ Rocky Road Candy--praying for you

I ended up taping my candy bar on the bottle (at the top and bottom).  I was going to tie it on with a ribbon but the candy bar is made with marshmallow and I didn’t want to squash it.

Download by clicking right on the tag image and saving it to your computer or click on the image and print it directly from the window it comes up in.

Small Gift Idea: Rocky Road 7Up Tag

Thanks again to Mel Stampz for the Moroccan digital paper  image that I used to create this printable.

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Have a creative day,
Have a creative day!

5 Responses to Small Gift Idea – 7Up Praying for You Tag

  • Denise W. says:

    Where do you find “Rocky Road” candy bars at? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before. I live in SC.

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Denise,
      I did not know until today that they didn’t sell them Nationally so if you are in the East, you may be out of luck. Here’s their locator where you can put in your city and state and see where they are sold close to you. http://www.annabelle-candy.com/index.php?pg=stores

      If you are ambitious, there are lots of recipes for Rocky Road on the web. It’s basically marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate and pretty easy to make.

      Rocky Road Ice-cream is another option. They have those mini single servings of it at places like Target and some grocery stores.

  • sue lemon says:

    I just found Rocky Road candy bars on Annie Good Old Days 8 bars fir $9.95 plus postage

  • Margaret says:

    Hi Julia

    Its really exciting to go on your site, I really get inspired, I am from south africa, its difficult at times to get stuff to try some OF your ideas, but every thing I read and see on your site encourages me, your inspirations guide me through difficult times.

    Thank you

    And god bless,I pray you get well zoon

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Hi Margaret. Thanks so much for your comments. So glad the website encourage you. That’s a blessing to hear. Thank you for the prayers. :-)

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