As I mentioned in yesterday’s “ment” post, I would be sharing a “ment” devotional with you today.  It’s called,  “Ment” to Serve  and can be found here.

Here on the blog I’m sharing an idea for a “mint” gift.   I use the same “ment” words on this that I do in the devotional.   These mint gifts would be great for team leaders and volunteers that help you with your ladies ministry.  Also this would make a great teacher’s gift.

 I started with some Hershey’s Bliss Mint Candies.

 I filled a mason jar with the candies.
Placed a piece of pretty scrapbook paper (cut to fit) on the lid.
Then added a ribbon and the Thank You Tag.  And that was it.

 If you are handing them out to a large group of volunteers,
you can just tape an indivual wrapped mint candy
to the corner of the printable tag using rolled tape or a glue dot.

Download Mint Thank You Tag Printable.

Other Items to Attach “Mint” Tag to:

  • Package of Breath Mints
  • Mint Flavored Gum
  • Mint 3 Musketeers Bar
  • Ande’s Mints
  • Box of Mint Flavored Tea
  • Mint Cookies
  • Mini Container of Mint Flavored Ice Cream (for a mint gift you deliver to a home so it can be put in freezer)
  • Mint Scented Body Lotion/Oil/Cream
  • Individually Wrapped Cupcake with Mint Icing

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News!!!  I added a skit called, “Are We There Yet?” to the website.  It goes along with the Road Trip (Travel) Women’s Ministry Event Theme.


Have a creative day,


14 Responses to “Mint” Thank You Gift Printable

  • ashley l. says:

    This website has been a divine help in starting our Ladies Ministry. This is my husband’s 1st year serving as a Pastor so we’re both new to most.
    The entire website and links have been a tremendous help. God bless your ministry

  • Bettye says:

    Thanks, many of your suggestions & Themes has blessed our Women’s Ministry. We used some of the Purse suggestions from you, but we went a little farther by putting small gifts in the purses, stuffing them in large brown bags and allowing the women to pick a bag when her birth month was selected. May God bless you.

  • mary says:

    this is a wonderful website…I have used it several times and would like to thank you for sharing….for Christmas I am going to use the Sweet Christmas lesson…the ladies in my group love sweets, so this is just the lesson to remind them how sweet our Lord is…again thank you so much for this site. You are a blessing to me.

  • Jane Smith says:

    THANKS so much for all the help I get on your wesite!!! I’m going to use the ‘Let it Go’ theme for our Ladies’ Day’ This year

  • Jane Smith says:

    WEBSITE (can’t spell LOL)

  • Sherri Jones says:

    Love the “mint” idea. Is there a way to edit it to remove achievement? I’d like to use for a parent appreciation at our school.

  • je says:

    how big are the mason jars?

  • Melanie West says:

    A wonderful website that is a blessing! I would love to be added to your email list.

    Melanie west

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