In Women’s Ministry so much is revolved around holding events and programs whether it be a Christmas banquet or Mother-Daughter Tea.  All throughout the year there are usually a few events that each church holds for their women’s ministry.   Here are some of my favorite places in order to gather up supplies to hold those events and use for ladies ministry.

Note:  These are not picks for Bible study resources but rather for other supplies you may need in Women’s Ministry.


  • Papermart This is an online store which carries all types of food containers, string, ribbon, and favor boxes and bags.  Papermart’s pricing goes up with different patterns and designs and down for increase in order number.  You also have to order more than 15.00 or be charged a $3.00 small order fee or more if your order needs more than one package but you can see your total in your cart before placing your order. Some great products you can get for less there are cupcake liners, Chinese take out boxes, and Baker’s Twine.
  • Thrift Stores and Yard Sales.  These are great places to find things such as dishes and trays for serving, teacups for teas, frames for Bible verses, vintage linens, and figurines for decorating tables.
  • Craft Stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnnsThese stores all have coupons that you can print online before you go to the store.  It’s always nice to have a coupon especially when you purchase major items such as a paper cutter or a large vase for a centerpiece.  Remember most of these type coupons are good only on regular priced merchandise and not sale or clearance items.
  • Dollar Stores.  These are fun places to find things that you need to buy in a large quantity.  Look in their wedding sections for favor boxes, ribbon, and serving items.  Look for themed decorations such as for holidays and seasonal events.  Dollar stores are a great place to purchase favors.
  • Christian Bookstores.  I think that most Christian bookstores are way overpriced but I still enjoy roaming through them and I purchase things in them from time to time anyway because they do carry things you won’t find elsewhere.  I normally make my own greeting cards but I will pay a little extra at a Christian bookstore for a card with meaningful words and Scripture on it.  Books, cd’s, and dvd’s are great items to purchase there for door-prizes that are a little more inspirational.  Also most Christian bookstores have a clearance table (usually hidden back in a corner somewhere).  Keep an eye on those.  It’s a goldmine for stocking up on door-prizes for your women’s ministry.
  • RossThey don’t have these in all states but if you have one locally and need things such as door-prizes, this is the perfect place to get them.  Some items they carry that make good door-prizes are cookbooks, aprons, and candles.  Also some of their home decor makes great decorating props for very little cost.
  • Oriental Trading.  You may think of Oriental Trading as just a source for Vacation Bible School and Sunday School novelty supplies but take a deeper look and you might find some great themed decorating items for your women’s ministry.  Look under “Party Themes and Events”on their menu and select “Party Decorations” for some possibilities.
  • Clearance.  I have found one of the best resources is the clearance items in stores such as Target, Walmart, and any business that has clearance pricing.  One thing to watch with this though is to make sure you are getting a good deal.  Not all clearance items equal the best price.
  • After Holiday and Seasonal Sales including Back to School Time.  After Christmas sales are a good place to stock up on holiday items for next year’s Christmas banquet.  Also after Christmas grab all the red wrapping paper and bows for Valentine’s Banquet decorating.  Back to School sales are great to get supplies as well.

Where is your favorite place to shop for supplies for your womenn’s ministry?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Have a creative day full of blessings,


11 Responses to Top Picks for Women’s Ministry Supplies

  • Carol says:

    Tuesday Morning is another good place to shop for door prizes. Sometimes they may have paper goods and decorations. Also, gift bags can be found here.

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      I’ve never been to one of those. Well I tried:) We have one more than an hour away at an outlet mall. Last time we went I wanted to go in there and they were closed for remodeling.

  • Susan Davis says:

    There is a great store called Nashville Wraps. You can order online or they also have a paper catalogue they will send you. They have wonderul prices on rolls of tulle, gift bags, ribbon, containers and other neat things. THey asre very fast with shipping and the quality is always excellent!

  • Susan Davis says:

    Oops, I tried to post a comment and it messed up!

    There is a store called Nashville Wraps. You can order online or they will also send you a catalogue. They have wonderful prices on tulle, gift bags, ribbon, containers, and things like that. They have excellent turn around time for receiving for order after placing it and the quality is good as well. Hope this helps someone!

  • Cyndee says:

    I have 3 websites I order favors, speaker gifts, and door prizes from regularly.

    2. – often find some great bargins here
    3. – sign up for emails – often have additional discounts

    I like to stock up on items so we’ve always got something on hand. Plus it’s so much better to get it at a bargain price!

    • Julia
      Julia says:

      Thanks Cyndee. I know a lot of people who order from CTA ( I was on their website yesterday and noticed that they have some neat “Reflecting the Beauty of the Lord” items that are on sale.

  • Nellie Lowe says:

    There’s also one called Not everything is a dollar but pretty reasonable. Have some great products. Some I found with them and no where else.

  • mavis Ford says:

    I seem not to have doine exactly as required …I love visiting your site and i am always Blessed and in awe of your vision of subjects and your talent in all of these areas….I love to share your ladies meeting themes with our ladies…I only have to share a few times a year,,,but am always grateful for your subjects ,,,,,,,

  • mavis Ford says:

    Thankyou for your wonderful ideas I share with a Ladies group in Caboolture Queensland Australia ….I only have to do our
    Ladies Meeting and sometimes visit other groups a few times a year…Love your devotionals and themes….It certainly is a great Ministry…my ladies group is The Salvation ARmy Caboolture…I am always greatly Blessed by your ministry and your

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