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Go fly a kite!

Are you ready for a windy March?  I have some kites for you to fly!

These are made out of cardstock and embellished with decorative scrapbook paper and ribbon.  They hold any little treat.  I placed in mini candy bars and they are the perfect size for a lip balm.

Spring Craft: Kite Treat Holders


There is a kite theme for women’s ministry on the website concerning prayer and also a devotional to go along with it.

Flying High with Prayer Women’s Ministry Theme
Higher Lord! Devotional


Prayer Lift Kite Craft for Favors

Fast Track: 
You can skip the hole punching and lacing of the ribbon if you want to fast track these.  If you have a lot to make, this would be the way I’d go.  Instead of doing the lacing, just clip the flaps together.

The flaps will overlap just very slightly so a clip will do to keep them closed to hold your treat.  I used a mini binder clip on the one in the photo below,  but you could use a small clothespin or even a large paperclip.  You can add a little bow on top of your clip if you want.


Spring Kite Craft: Treat Holder Favor

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardstock.
  • Decorative Scrapbook Paper.
  • Ribbon or String.
  • Hole Punch.
  • Paper Cutter.
  • Adhesive to adhere decorative paper.  I used a tape runner.
  • Optional:  You will need a clip if you decide you don’t want to do the ribbon lacing.



Step #1

  • Cut cardstock to 3 1/2  inches square.
  • Cut decorative paper to 3 1/4 inches square (for back and what will become your side flaps).
  • Cut decorative paper to 1 3/4 inch square (for inside top point).
  • Cut approximately 12 -14 inches of ribbon for lacing.  It depends on if you want to knot it or make a bow.  Do one how you like it, then use the measurements for any more than you may make.  I liked the look of a knot on mine better than a bow.
  • Cut approximately 11 inches of ribbon for your kite “tail”.  Knot ribbon on one end.  I knotted mine twice.  You need a large enough knot so that it will not slide out of the bottom of the kite.  You will be sliding it inside and out the bottom after your kite is together.

Step #2

  • Center and adhere larger decorative paper square to one side of cardstock.  This will be your “back” piece.

Step #3

  • Flip your cardstock square over so your plain cardstock side is on top.

Step #4

  • Score cardstock square on one edge from 1 and 1/2 inches in on down to point.  Do the same on the opposite side so that both score lines come down to one point.

Kite Scoring Diagram

Step #5

  • Adhere smaller decorative square to top point of kite.  I left a little cardstock showing on mine.

Step #6

  • Fold in side flaps that you have scored.

Step #7

  • Punch 4 or 5 holes on inside edge of both side flaps.  Mine were approximately 1/2 inch apart.

Step #8

  • Take your “tail” length of ribbon (knot side on top) and slide it down and out the bottom of the kite through the crack where the side flaps meet.  Pull it through.  The knot will keep it in place without any adhesive.
  • Lace up with ribbon through holes (like a shoe) and knot or tie a bow.

Kite Treat Holder Picture Tutorial

Tip:   Gently squeeze sides (fold edges) to slip in your treat.


Tag saying ideas for this project:

  • Flying high with prayer!
  • Fly higher with prayer!
  • Flying high with God’s Word
  • Need a prayer lift?
  • Need a faith lift?
  • Jesus lifts me higher
  • Fly into Spring!
  • Do not be afraid to soar!
  • I am going up! (using John 14:2 or John 3:16)
  • Keep calm and go fly a kite!
  • Reach for the sky
  • Let your faith soar
  • Let your creativity soar
  • Let your imagination soar
  • It’s your time to soar
  • You were born to fly
  • For Volunteers:  Thanks for the lift!
  • For Volunteers:  Thanks for rising to the occassion
  • Women’s Ministry:  Get carried away with our Women’s Ministry
  • Thank You:  Thanks for lifting me up!
  • Thank You:  You send me soaring
  • Encouragement:  Sending up prayers for you
  • Encouragement:  Hope everything looks up for you soon
  • Bible Verse:  “I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up…”  Psalm 30:1


Thanks for stopping in.  Do you have any suggestions for a tag saying for this project or an idea for a small treat for these?  Please leave a comment.  I love hearing your ideas.

Have a creative day,
Have a creative day!


4 Responses to Kite Treat Holder Craft

  • Koneta says:

    Love these…thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Cecilia says:

    I love these! I hAve been looking for a treat for the classified employees at the school at which I am the secretary. I am planning to make them (maybe a little bigger to hold a bigger treat). Our school mascot is the eagle so I’ll add a tag that says “Thanks for helping our eagles soar”. Thanks for the great (and easy) idea!

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