Spring is peeping in!

My daughter Tara (my 17 year old) made another arrangement in her floral class at school so I had to share it with you. It is one of those happy arrangements. The flowers are down in floral foam within a plastic container in the middle.

I think she did a great job! (proud mother here.)

Spring Arrangement with Peeps
Spring Arrangement with Peeps Bunnies
Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful Easter weekend.

Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia

Hang onto your hat!

If you’ve been following the blog awhile, you know I love all the spring wrapped candy so of course I had to come up with something else to do with all those pretty things.  Today’s share is a quick and easy spring hat.   These can be Easter bonnets or if you get your spring wrapped candy ahead of time you could do them for Mother’s Day.
Reeses Cup Candy Hats

Reeses Cup Hat

I punched scallop shapes from cardstock and put an upside down spring wrapped Reese’s Cup on them.  I just used a couple glue dots on two edges of the Reese’s Cup to hold them onto the scallop.  I’m not big on using hot glue on candy that will melt but you could use a low temp glue gun if you wanted.  From there, just a few embellishments of ribbon and a punched shaped flower and stick on rhinestone.   I used glue dots to hold on the ribbon and flower as well.   That’s it.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Hats

These make a great last minute favor.  They are so quick and easy to do and you can use scrap cardstock and ribbon.

Supplies for Peanut Butter Cup Hats

Here are some other spring candy ideas:

Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day,

Have a Creative Day, Julia

Hello Friends,
I’m announcing the door prize winners from the Online Leadership Workshop (held March 16-20 on the CLM Website). I’m so glad so many of you could join me.

Various Door Prizes for Sign-Up and Check Out Entries:
I had 837 entries. That was about 170 that signed in per day so I thought that was pretty good. I totaled up the sign ins and also the “check outs” from the last day and assigned them numbers according to how the emails and forms came in.  Seven winners were chosen. The random generator (random.org) was used to choose the winners.

Winner #1 (Leader’s Gift + $25 Gift in Downloads from the CLM Resource Shop)—Tammy Bass
Winner #2 (Anchor Tote)—Andrea Holloman
Winner #3 ($25 Gift  in Downloads from the CLM Resource Shop)—Amberlee Park
Winner #4 ($25 Gift in Downloads from the CLM Resource Shop)—Lizel Yurick
Winner #5 (Craft Apron)—Susan Hutchens
Winner #6 (Craft Apron)—Bernice Van Zyl
Winner #7 (Craft Apron)—Sophia

All the winners have been notified by email.

Avon Fresh Picks for Spring 14 Piece Collection Door Prize for “Restroom” Question Entries:

I had 455 entries in total for the “Restroom” door prize.  (You had to attend to understand what that was)  Thanks to everyone who answered the leader questions. I’ll share some of the answers with you all on the website before long. I’m still going through and reading them. Great input!

Winner—Jodi Riddle

Congratulations to all the winners!   See the door prizes below.

Leaders Workshop Doorprize Leader’s Gift
Gift from Julia. A few things to get you organized and some cards for sending out notes, plus $25 in free downloads (your choice) from the Creative Ladies Ministry Resource Shop.

$25 Gift  in Downloads from the CLM Resource Shop
These are winner’s choice from the Shop.
He is my Anchor Purse from Thirty One GiftsHe is my Anchor Tote
This lovely tote was donated by Marilyn Raider, Thirty-One Gifts Consultant.
Marilyn’s online consultant website is located here. Be sure to stop in and check out all the beautiful products.

He is my Anchor Tote
The first tote photo is a product photo but I took a photo of the writing up close so you could see it better.
Marilyn was gracious enough to send me one too. Thank you Marilyn!! I love it.
It’s so big and roomy. I’m a lover of tote bags anyway but this one is just so sweet.

Craft Apron
Craft Apron (STYROFOAM™)
Sharon from the Crafts ‘n Coffee Blog sent these to me a long time ago to use for give-aways as a thank you for supporting the Dow crafts site but then I got really sick (around one of my surgeries) and so my husband put the box away and so I’m just now getting around to sharing some of these aprons. I do appreciate her sending them to me. These aprons are really nice and actually cover you so great for crafting (or cooking).

Visit the Crafts ‘n Coffee website. They have a bunch of ideas for using Styrofoam products in lots of creative ways.

Avon Fresh Picks for Spring
Fresh Picks for Spring Avon Collection
This collection was donated by my daughter, Kayla, Avon Consultant.
Visit Kayla’s Online Consultant website here.

Thanks again to everyone who entered during the Online Leadership Workshop.  It was great hearing from all of you.  So many of you had questions and notes for me along with your sign ins.  I’m still going through and reading them, plus all the answers to the “Restroom” questions.

Have a creative day,

Have a Creative Day, Julia

Hello Creative Friends,

Just checking in with you. I know I haven’t posted on my blog in awhile. I’ve been busy working on preparing for my Online Leadership Workshop that I’ll be having on the main website in March. You are all invited to attend. It will be March 16-20. It’s free so no fee to attend. You will need to attend during the event in order to download each day’s materials. The material will be available each day from 9:00 a.m. PST till midnight PST.   It’s not live so you will have the entire day during that time frame in order to watch the videos, read the material and download any handouts.

There will be video sessions from me, new articles and devotionals, and lots of downloads.  
It’s all revolving around leadership but a lot of it will be helpful to you as a Christian woman whether you are a leader or not so everyone is welcome to attend. Just go to the main Creative Ladies Ministry website www.juliabettencourt.com during the event (March 16-20) and there will be a new password each day in order for you to log in to attend.

Leadership Workshop for Women's Ministry

You can let me know that you are planning on attending by going to the Leadership Workshop Event Page on Facebook

Please pray for me as I finish up preparing for this event.  Feel free to re-blog this post or take the graphic above and let others know about the Workshop.  Thank you!

Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia



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