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Creating Art!

I get a lot of emails about group crafts for women’s ministry.  Most people are looking for something simple without a lot of supplies and I think this one meets those requirements.

Group Project Canvas Art

Today’s Takeaway Tuesday share is for diy canvas art.  These require small canvases, inspirational word stickers, scrapbook paper shapes, and adhesive.  I used oval and circle paper punches for my shapes but you could use almost any shape—birds, flowers, etc.

The canvases I used are 4 x 6 but you can get them in smaller sizes as well.  Mine ran about $1.00 a piece but you can get smaller ones at a better price.  It all depends on what size of stickers you want to use.  The ones I used are pretty good size so the 4 x 6 canvases worked pretty well for mine.

DIY Canvas with Inspirational Words

Inspirational word stickers are all the rage in scrapbooking supplies so you can find them in about any size you want.  There were I think 14 stickers on my sheet which was $2.49 at Hobby Lobby and you of course know I waited until they were half off to buy them.

If I was doing this for a group, I would cut the stickers apart first so everyone would have one ready to go.

Canvas Art Women's Group Project Idea

The hardest part of this project was getting the sticker off of the sticker sheet.  I made both of these in less than 10 minutes.


Supplies for this project:


  • Small or Mini Canvas
  • Inspirational Word or Phrase Stickers
  • Scrapbook Paper Shapes (use punches or die-cuts)
  • Adhesive


Directions for this project:


  • Place sticker in desired area.
  • Place and adhere scrapbook paper shapes in desired area.


Women's Group Project Idea

Optional:  You could go over these with Modge Podge or coat with clear poly spray if desired.


Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day!

Have a creative day!





This blog is where you will find my diy crafts and home projects, if you are looking for my writing and women’s ministry ideas, please visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.


Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative BlogFresh Diplomas!

It’s Takeaway Tuesday so time for an easy and quick favor share.   It’s graduation time for many so I thought a diploma favor would be fun today.   These are made with Mentos for the larger ones and regular size rolled mint packages for smaller ones.

These just require a package of rolled Mentos or mints, white copy paper, and ribbon.

Menos DIY Graduation Favors

I cut the paper for my Mentos to 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 and my Breath Savers to 2 3/4 x 3 1/4.

Make sure you measure against what mint packages you purchase because you never know if there may be some differences in packaging.

As I rolled the paper on I tried to angle it just slightly as I went to give it that not quite so even look.  I just tied the ribbon around them but you could always put a spot of adhesive or double sided Scotch tape to hold the paper in place if you have trouble tying ribbon.

Graduatioin DIY Breath Mint Favors

I used black and gold ribbon since that is my daughter’s school colors.  Tara graduates from high school on June 2nd.  Yay!!

Graduation DIY Rolled Mint Favors

I was thinking it might be fun to print out some fun facts about the graduate for the inside so when your guests roll it off, they will have a little memento.

For those of you who teach primary kids for Sunday School, these might be fun little items to do when it’s time for them to graduate or promote up to the next class.

Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




This blog is where you will find my diy crafts and home projects, if you are looking for my writing and women’s ministry ideas, please visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.

Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative Blog


Promises.  Promises.  And all of them true.

Sharing a quick and easy idea today for Promise Cookies.  Okay, these are fortune cookies which I turned into Promise Cookies by placing a Bible reference to a promise from God instead of putting a fortune inside.  Unlike fortunes, we can really rely on the promises of God.


DIY Paper Fortune Promise Cookies


I am sharing a video on You Tube for the directions.  The only difference is that I tucked in a wrapped Lifesaver mint into mine.  I put them in one end and then had to kind of twist them to fit but I wanted my cookies to have a treat since you can’t eat paper.   Plus God’s promises are always life saving!

The girl on the video doesn’t give you any actual measurements but I used circles approximately 3 1/4 inch in size.  I traced around a ribbon spool.  My paper strips are 3 1/2 inches by 1/2 inch.


Other ideas for this project:

  • Put get to know you questions on the strips for an icebreaker.
  • Assign your Secret Sister or Prayer Partners by putting everyone’s name who is participating on the strips.
  • Put discussion questions on the strips for a meeting opener.
  • Put Bible references for each person to look up during your meeting.

Got any other ideas for this project?  Please leave a comment.


Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!





This blog is where you will find my diy crafts and home projects, if you are looking for my writing and women’s ministry ideas, please visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.

Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative Blog

It’s a bubblegum world!

Tuesday’s Takeaways are all about being easy and you can’t get any easier than today’s idea.  I have a bubble gum machine for you today that doesn’t require much effort.

DIY Gumball Machine Idea

I’ve seen crafts for bubblegum machines that are made out of terra cotta pots but those require painting and a little effort and more cash for supplies.   I wanted to come up with an easier and cheaper way to make a quick favor.

These are made out of plastic fillable balls or ornaments which you place on a cardstock holder.   Sometimes you can get the clear ornaments on sale at the craft stores, but also Oriental Trading carries them at a pretty reasonable price.  I haven’t used those though.

Make sure you get the fillable ones.   You do have to look at the sizes pretty carefully if you order online.  They come in various sizes so it depends on what size you want to use.   The ones I used in my samples are the smallest ones from Hobby Lobby.  They don’t give a size on the package but they are the $1.09 ones.

Gumball Craft diy projectThis one I filled with gumballs.

Supplies for the project:

  • Clear Plastic Fillable Ornament Ball
  • Cardstock.  Any color, plus black.  I used 65 pound weight.  I normally use the Stampin’ Up! paper which is a little heavier, but I found this worked best with cardstock that wasn’t so thick.  The heavier weight cardstock kept getting wrinkles in it because it didn’t want to bend enough.
  • Round Punch 3/4 inch size
  • Your Favorite Adhesive
  • Gumballs or Round Candy

Gumball Machine Craf FavorThis one has Sixlets Candy


Directions for this project:

  • Cut cardstock to 6 inches x 1 inch.
  • Punch a 3/4 circle out of black cardstock and center on your cardstock piece.  Adhere circle.  That will the front of your project.
  • Overlap the ends around and adhere together.  This will form your holder.  It’s like making paper chains for Christmas.
  • Fill your clear ornament with gum or candy and snap ornament together.
  • Turn your ornament upside down and place on your holder.

DIY Gumball Machine IdeaThis one is filled Pink Sixlets.  You probably have noticed that I
use pink Sixlets on everything because I have a big jar full of them!

I have a new devotional coming for you entitled, “Gummed Up!”.  I should have it up by the beginning of next week sometime.

Have a creative day!
Have a creative day!


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