Hello Creative Friends, Just leaving you with a few last minute winter favor ideas.  I like all of these things because they are useful.  Not just something that will get tossed.
Winter Favor Ideas
1.  Lip Balms.  There are so many cute ways to doll these up.  I’ll have a Lip Balm Clutch post for you next week but here are some ideas already on the blog.

2.  Tissue Packs.  Everybody can always use tissues, especially in the winter.  Doll them up by making wraps with pretty patterned scrapbook paper or make holders for them.  I like the Swankie brand tissues.  They are already pretty.  Personally I don’t like the Dollar Store ones because they are so small so I pay a little more for the brand ones like Kleenex just because they are bigger than the Dollar Store ones but if you are on a budget, dress up the Dollar Store ones.

3.  Cozy Socks.  They make such cute socks these days!  Maybe hold a “Sock Exchange” in the winter.

4.  Tea.  There are a variety of ways to dress up a tea bag.  Just Pinterest or Google for ideas.  Homemade spice teas are great to share.

5.  Coffee.  Use mini or individual coffee packs or even K-Cups.  There’s one K-cup holder idea on the blog.

6.  Hot Cocoa Packets.  There’s nothing like a cup of hot cocoa to warm you up.  Use individual packets or make up a homemade recipe and put them in baggies or cute containers.

7.  Hand Warmers.  Use pretty patterned fabric to make cute ones that you fill with rice.  I’ll have instructions for this project on the blog sometime next week.  You can also purchase hand warmers and doll them up with patterned paper wraps to make them a little more lady friendly.

Hope that helps some of you women’s leaders that are looking for last minute ideas for your meetings.

Have a creative day!
Have a Creative Day, Julia



A thought away!

Hello Creative Friends,

Today I’m sharing one of my recent cards I made.  Made this one for my husband’s aunt.  I love doing them for her because hers always get hand delivered so I can add a few extra things on them that I can’t do in the mail.
Thought Banner Card by Julia Bettencourt

The sentiment stamp on this one is from Whimsical Words, a Stampin’ Up! stamp set which I’ve had for awhile.

Handstamped Banner Card by Julia Bettencourt

The papers I used on this was some Kraft paper and the patterned ones are from a couple small paper pads I have. One is Simple Stories Vintage Bliss and the other Simple Stories Sn@p!.

Stamped Banner Card by Julia Bettencourt

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my card.

Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia

Put in your thumb and take out some yum!

Hello Creative Friends,
I thought today I’d share one of my Pinterest tries.  I saw several variations of these Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies floating all around Pinterest so I tried them before Christmas.  I actually made two batches before Christmas.  My son-in-law raved about them and told my daughter to tell me he wanted his order put in for some more.  It was his birthday last week so I made them again this past weekend.  I made them after his birthday but at least they got to him.  I thought I was going to be so on top of birthdays starting the New Year but it’s only a few weeks in and I already fell behind.
Jam Filled Thumbprint CookiesI used the recipe from over at Salley’s Baking Addiction. You will notice mine are not as pretty and perfectly round and molded as hers. If you want them that perfect, you will have to be more patient than me when rolling the balls to make them.

What I like about this recipe:
That my family loved them of course. They only have 2/3′s cup of sugar too. Of course they have a whole cup of butter though but any shortbread cookie does.  I do like that you can use different types of jams in them and they look so colorful.  I used Smuckers No Sugar in mine.  That’s what we use so that’s what I made mine with.  Also what I love is that the recipe calls for almond extract which I love using.  That aroma is enough to tickle your funny bone.

What I didn’t like about this recipe.
I like recipes with not so many steps. I hate waiting on dough! Also where I got the recipe said to wait at least 4 hours for the dough to firm. Waiting that long in my refrigerator turns the dough into a hard rock. It’s got a cup of butter. It will get hard. You may have to let it set out of the fridge and then firm it up again if your refrigerator is as cold as mine. I think this waiting on the dough step you have to judge yourself and your refrigerator. Some people keep their refrigerator temperature way down. Some people way up. So my suggestion is to check it after and hour or an hour and a half. Don’t let it get too hard.

Thumbprint Jelly Filled Cookies
Even though mine are not perfect, I still think they look pretty good and my family all had fun eating them. They didn’t just eat them. They devoured them.

Thumbprint Jelly Filled Almond Cookies
I made some raspberry, apricot, and strawberry.  Everybody that tasted them had a different favorite.  I think it is a toss up between raspberry and apricot if I had to choose.

So all said, I would recommend this recipe for those who like the idea of waiting on dough and aren’t afraid to try them a few times to get your groove.  Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day!
Have a Creative Day, Julia

Love! Love! Love!

I’ll be holding another “Love” Memory Verse Challenge in February.  This year our memory verses will be concentrating on loving others.  Starting February 1 through the 14th, I’ll be posting a verse each day on the Creative Ladies Ministry Facebook Page.  I hope many of you will join along with me and memorize these verses together.

Love Bible Memory Verse Challenge

You can pick up the printable below for the Challenge so you can put it on your refrigerator and begin memorizing early.

  Download Loving Others Memory Verse Challenge
The verses are in the KJV.

Loving Others Memory Verse Valentine's

Be sure to grab the pdf file and not the image above.  The pdf file will print out in a full sheet for you.

Below is the list of verses.

2015 “Loving Others” Memory Challenge Verses:

  • Day 1: Philippians 2:3
  • Day 2: Hebrews 10:24
  • Day 3: Romans 12:15
  • Day 4: Matthew 22:39
  • Day 5: Galatians 5:26
  • Day 6: Romans 13:10
  • Day 7 1 Peter 3:8
  • Day 8: 1 Peter 3:9
  • Day 9: Romans 15:1
  • Day 10: 1 Thessalonians 4:9
  • Day 11 Ephesians 4:2
  • Day 12 Ephesians 4:3
  • Day 13 Luke 6:35
  • Day 14 Romans 12:10

Did you miss last year’s “Love” Memory Verse Challenge?  You can still pick up the printable of those verses on this blog post.


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Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia



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