Checking in.

If you aren’t following me on Facebook or on the mailing list you may not know, but I had total knee replacement surgery on June 30th so that is what happened to me in case you wondered. Posting this from my Nook this morning.

I am doing good.  Just working at the physical therapy and getting through recovery.  I must admit it is a struggle at times though.  It is not the pain as much.  Been dealing with pain in my knees for some time.  It is the lack of control I think of not being able to just pop up and do certain things for myself.

Rise and Shine Quote

Was singing that little “Rise and Shine” song today. Really puts things in perspective.

Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks!
Have a Creative Day, Julia

Baking up Yumminess!

My daughter, Tara, the 17 year old, has been baking up a storm since school was out.  She is a little bored.  I stay away from sweets but everything she bakes is so beautiful and lovely looking that as a proud mom, I have to show you some of her handiwork even if I don’t indulge in them.

Here are her Devil’s Food, Ganache Filled Cupcakes with a Coffee Buttercream Icing and Ganache Drizzle.  She used Martha Stewart’s recipe for the ganache.  You can find the recipe here.

Ganache Filled Cupcakes

And the other day she made a Cinnamon Roll Cake.  I thought it was so delicious looking but I refrained.  Okay I ate a few teeny tiny crumbs.   If the crumbs were any  indication of how good it was—yum!  She found the recipe for this Cinnamon Roll Cake over on the Crunchy Creamy Sweet Blog here.

Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe

I love to bake myself so I’m glad Tara does too, although she usually shows me up.  Her cupcake decorating skills are getting good.  One great thing is that my house sure has been smelling good lately with all of Tara’s baking.

Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day!
Have a Creative Day, Julia

Up for the count!

Today I want to share one of my d.i.y. projects that I finished up last week.  My daughter, Tara, and I painted the living room, kitchen, and hallway a few weeks ago.  Of course we haven’t done the ceilings yet.  Going to have someone else do that.  Ceilings are work and my knees are not in the shape to do them right now.  Anyway, since the walls look so fresh, I thought it was time to freshen up the kitchen itself a little.  I’ve had these brown baskets up over my cupboards since we moved in almost 8 years ago.  They are so handy but they just looked so tired.

Turquoise Numbered BasketsRight side of sink/window

I don’t have any storage space in my kitchen so I keep those baskets up there to hold extra things we don’t use too often. They are mostly full of cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies.  Much of it belongs to Tara.  We keep most of it in gallon zip locks to keep the dust off.  When I got up there to clean before painting, I just cringed at the greasy dust on top of those cupboards.  It had been such a long time since I had climbed up there to clean.

Brown baskets to paint

I probably have mentioned before how I love turquoise and I had tried out lots of turquoise shades to paint my kitchen but then decided against it.   I went with a neutral color of paint for the living room and kitchen but want to eventually paint with turquoise in the family room, which has become the office/craft room.  I had all these shades of turquoise paint samples from Lowes so I decided I’d use it on my baskets.

Seafoam numbered basket

This one is Seascape (Valspar)

I could have went with spray paint but I just primed the baskets and painted them with a sponge brush and used up some of the paint samples I had on hand plus some turquoise paint I had used on the desk for my coffee station.  It actually went pretty quick.  I did not paint the insides.  It is not like anyone can see the insides up there anyway.

Numbers for Baskets

I have really admired numbered baskets, like the ones they did have at Pottery Barn.  I debated whether to buy wooden numbers or to stencil some numbers on.   I thought metal ones would look cool so I looked in Walmart by the mailbox section and found these metal looking numbers.  They are plastic!  I paid only $1.37 each for them.  I painted the tips of brads for each basket and put them through where the nails should have been and connected them to the baskets.  It worked out great.  I just used a paper piercer to make the holes through the baskets where needed.

DIY Numbered Baskets in Turquoise

Left side of sink/window

I’m just around 5 feet so I keep a little step ladder folded up between my refrigerator and cupboards to climb up there with.  Every time, I go for the wrong basket so now I am going to make a numbered list to keep inside one of my cupboard doors to tell me exactly what is in those baskets.  Yes, it is the little things that make me happy.

Turquoise numbered Basket for Cupboards

 This one is True Turquoise.  The lighter ones were Dancing Mist and Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue (Valspar)

I was very happy with how the baskets turned out.   It really livened up my boring kitchen.  Painting my cupboards white is on my list to do too but that is going to wait until next year sometime.

Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia



A sticky situation!

Hello Creative Friends,

Just wanted to share a quick tip for Women’s Ministry using washi tape.  You may have used washi tape for crafting before but using it on the edge of things that are printed can really perk up something that just needs a little oomph.

Washi Tape Tips for Women's Ministry

Use washi tape on edges to create instant frames on:

  • Flyers – Make your flyer or event stand out on a bulletin board!
  • Signs – for nurseries, Sunday School rooms, restrooms, etc.
  • Sign up sheets on clipboards or bulletin boards
  • Bible verses for wall decoration
  • Quotes and saying printables for decoration
  • Photos on photo collages (such as for bridal showers or church homecomings)
  • Verse and saying tags for favors
  • Bible memory verse cards
  • Gift Tags

Washi Tape Tips for Ladies Ministry

You can pick up this free sign up sheet here.
(Artwork by Trina Clark. DigiScrapKits)

 Washi Tape Tips for instant frames

This is on my board behind my craft table.
I added washi tape to frame out a free printable I found on the web.
You can pick up this printable here.  (Danielle Burkleo Blog)

You can get washi tape at craft stores and even Walmart and Target sell it.  Sometimes you can pick it up in the dollar stores.  You won’t get as much on a roll there but they do have cute patterns sometimes.

Thanks for stopping in.  If you have any ideas for women’s ministry using washi tape, leave a comment!

Have a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia



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