Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry that I didn’t get up yesterday’s Takeaway Tuesday.  It’s just been so busy around here and frankly I just forgot all about it.

I wanted to let you all know that I am going to have to suspend with the Takeaway Tuesdays for awhile.  I will be having a Total Knee Replacement next week and am going to need a little break from crafting and the blog.

I had my left knee done last year about this time and now it’s the right knee’s turn.  I’m looking forward to getting it over with and having two good walking legs.  Especially looking forward to getting rid of the constant pain.

His Eye is on the SparrowPlease keep me in your prayers.

Thank you,




Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative Blog





Light up my world!


For today’s Takeaway Tuesday, I have another easy idea for you.  I saw a girl do this on her blog a long time ago so I thought I’d finally give it a try.  This is an idea to perk up tea lights.

You take washi tape and go around the outside of the tea light.  That’s it.  Simple.


Perking up tea lights for favors


I have found that all tea lights are not created equal.  The sides of them are not all the same height so you will need to get the right size washi tape.  It comes in various sizes.


Lamp Unto My Feet Tag for Washi Tape Tealights


On the tea light above, I added a tag using a Verve – Mary Jane stamp, Psalm 119:105.


Washi Tape Tealight Project


Tea lights do make nice little inexpensive favors for Ladies Ministry.


Here are some tag sayings to put with them:


  • Bible Verse – Psalm 119:105
  • Bible Verse – Ephesians 5:8
  • Bible Verse – Psalm 119:16
  • Bible Verse – John 1:4
  • Let your light shine!
  • Walking in the Light
  • Choose to Shine!
  • Reflect the Light



Stop into my ministry site and read my devotional, How Bright is Your Light?


Thanks for stopping by to see my project.

Have a creative day!

Have a creative day!




This blog is where you will find my diy crafts and home projects, if you are looking for my writing and women’s ministry ideas, please visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.

Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative Blog


Plant Strawberries and Sunshine!


I haven’t been feeling too good lately.  Still have that one bad knee which will be getting a total knee replacement soon.  Thought today for Takeaway Tuesday that I would just share an idea I saw on Pinterest.

Isn’t this a lovely favor for summer?  Strawberry plants!

This idea is from Steph over at the Bondville Blog.  I love how she put the plants in peat pots and used a simple gingham ribbon with a tag.

Just simple and sweet…my favorite kind of takeaway.

Strawberry Plant Favor Idea

Photo Credit:  Bondville Blog


She has lots of other lovely photos of her daughter’s strawberry themed party when she turned four.  Those strawberry parfaits she has on her post looks especially yummy!  Find the original post here.

There are devotional ideas for a strawberry women’s meeting here.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!

Takeaway Tuesdays on the Made2bCreative Blog

Creating Art!

I get a lot of emails about group crafts for women’s ministry.  Most people are looking for something simple without a lot of supplies and I think this one meets those requirements.

Group Project Canvas Art

Today’s Takeaway Tuesday share is for diy canvas art.  These require small canvases, inspirational word stickers, scrapbook paper shapes, and adhesive.  I used oval and circle paper punches for my shapes but you could use almost any shape—birds, flowers, etc.

The canvases I used are 4 x 6 but you can get them in smaller sizes as well.  Mine ran about $1.00 a piece but you can get smaller ones at a better price.  It all depends on what size of stickers you want to use.  The ones I used are pretty good size so the 4 x 6 canvases worked pretty well for mine.

DIY Canvas with Inspirational Words

Inspirational word stickers are all the rage in scrapbooking supplies so you can find them in about any size you want.  There were I think 14 stickers on my sheet which was $2.49 at Hobby Lobby and you of course know I waited until they were half off to buy them.

If I was doing this for a group, I would cut the stickers apart first so everyone would have one ready to go.

Canvas Art Women's Group Project Idea

The hardest part of this project was getting the sticker off of the sticker sheet.  I made both of these in less than 10 minutes.


Supplies for this project:


  • Small or Mini Canvas
  • Inspirational Word or Phrase Stickers
  • Scrapbook Paper Shapes (use punches or die-cuts)
  • Adhesive


Directions for this project:


  • Place sticker in desired area.
  • Place and adhere scrapbook paper shapes in desired area.


Women's Group Project Idea

Optional:  You could go over these with Modge Podge or coat with clear poly spray if desired.


Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day!

Have a creative day!





This blog is where you will find my diy crafts and home projects, if you are looking for my writing and women’s ministry ideas, please visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.



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