An Invitation.

Hello Creative Friends,

I’ve had so many emails and comments lately from people who have been visiting my blog but didn’t realize that I had a main Women’s Ministry Website.  I thought it was time to invite you all over just in case you are among those who haven’t found it yet.  I do have a link to it in the sidebar but I know that people don’t always notice those links.

So here is your formal invitation to please come and visit my main website, Creative Ladies Ministry.  The website has been online since 2001 and it is loaded with lots of women’s devotionals, women’s ministry articles, and lots of helps for women’s ministry.

Creative Ladies Ministry

I always think of my blog and my Facebook as just a run-off of the main website.  You will find all of the meaty stuff over on the website.  If you haven’t visited or haven’t visited in a while, I hope you will stop by soon.

Have a creative day!

Have a Creative Day, Julia


Taking advantage!

Free things online are always great to take advantage of for our women’s ministry groups.  I think generators are one of those great resources at our fingertips if we have a webpage or social media page for our ladies group, or even if we want to send an image through email.  Today I’m sharing with you some generators that I like from a website called, Wigflip.  They have several generators.  I will share some examples of some of them and what I did with them.

AutoMotivator:  This is basically a poster maker.  You can’t go wrong with this to share Bible verses and inspirational quotes.  Perhaps encouragement for your ladies webpage or Facebook page.  AutoMotivator has several photos to choose from or you can upload one of your own.  I chose theirs of a tree and added a Bible verse to compliment it.  See below.

psalm1:3 Inspirational Poster

Find the AutoMotivator Generator Here.

Superstickies: I have to tell you that I love sticky notes!  I was a secretary for a long time and every secretary knows that sticky notes are a girl’s best friend.  They are great online as well.  They stick out (no pun intended).  So take advantage of this generator for your women’s group to remind them of special things and important dates.

There are several colors to choose from (look above and below their text box to see them) and make sure you click the centered tool if you want your text centered.  Click “create” every time you make a change.  It takes a few seconds to give you the preview so give it a minute to work.

Bible Study Sticky

Find the SuperStickies Generator Here.

 Tinytags: The next generator I want to tell you about is Wigflip’s generator for making little tags.  You can add any text to these.  Be sure to play around with your spacing.  Certain words of text will become larger as you change spacing so be sure to click on their “make tag” every time you make a change.  In their generator the first row of black tags is for size and the second for tag position.

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Find the Tinytags Generator Here.

 Screedbot:  The last generator at Wigflip I want to share with you is for making moving typewriter text.  So easy.  Just type your text and the generator turns it into a gif for you.  Handy for quick announcements.

Back to School at CLM!

Find the Screedbot Here.

Wigflip has 12 different generators which you can find on their main page here.  Hope you have fun with this resource.  I know I did!

As always, I am not compensated by Wigflip or any other advertiser.  If I like something, I just share.

Have a creative day!

Have a Creative Day, Julia

Hello Creative Friends,
Just wanted to let you all know that I put 12 of my older devotionals back into the Devotional Listing on my main website (Creative Ladies Ministry). Some were already on the site but not in the main listing. They may be new for some of you that have just been following the last few years.

Find them in The Reading Room.

Devotionals by Julia

Thanks for stopping in,
Have a Creative Day, Julia

A little inspiration.

People are always asking if they can post the graphics of quotes and Bible verses I make for my Facebook Page.  Yes, you may.  I recently put them in a little gallery for you.  Today I put the main page of it as a page on my Blog so you could find the gallery easier.  The link now shows up at the top of the blog (Inspirational).

Inspirational Gallery of Quotes and Bible VersesHave a creative day,
Have a Creative Day, Julia



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