It’s time for another Friday Find!  This week I’m not sharing anything from online but something I found in the Target Dollar Spot.  We all love that place, don’t we?  Things just hop into my shopping cart when I get near those dollar bins.  I really have to just avoid that part of the store as much as I can.

That Target Dollar Spot is responsible for me decorating for holidays that I never would have dreamed of decorating for before.  What’s with that?  I had a Valentine’s party going on in my kitchen this year on my shelves just because of the Target Dollar Spot.  Had a cute little Valentine’s banner with tassels and everything.

Just the other day a bunny towel and a little spring bucket jumped into my cart.  Well…the bunny hopped!

Target Spot Find: Mini Chalkboards #womensministry

You have gotta love these little chalkboards.  I know so many of you of follow me do women’s ministry events and these would make such cute little easels for labeling food dishes or even materials on a ladies retreat table.  They would be cute for name place cards at a holiday meal at home too because you could reuse them.  Something you don’t have to throw away is always a great thing.

These come in pink and black but when I saw them I passed the pink up.  Snapped a pic to share but then I went back the next day and ALL of the pink ones were gone and most of the black ones were gone as well.   Someone was probably doing a wedding or something and wanted them for place settings.  I went back to grab a pink one but boo…they were gone.

You can actually find mini easels a lot of places but I just thought the easel part of these were really nice compared to some.

Target Spot Mini Chalkboard Easil find

Thanks for stopping in.  What’s everyone up to this weekend?  I’ve got a furniture makeover project I’ll be working on this weekend.  I got an old curio cupboard from Craigslist for $10 that I’ll be tackling.

Just an FYI, no I don’t get paid by Target.  Just sharing cause I like to share the stuff I like.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




Toiling along!

I’m kind of into the blue thing for my living room lately.  I normally just keep it kind of neutral and switch out the accent colors in there.  Anyone else having a love affair with blue and white like me?

Found some time recently to make up some toile pillow covers for my couch.  I’ve had this material forever it seems.  I’m not even sure what I bought it for originally.  I think to decorate some tables for something relating to Fourth of July in past years or something.  Anyway, every time I go to purge my material, I can always toss other things out, but this material always finds it’s way back into the basket.

Blue and White Toile DIY Pillow Covers

Finally! I made something from this material.  You can see the other pillow peeking out.  That is a pillow cover from Hobby Lobby.  I thought the toile covers and the Hobby Lobby ones complemented each other pretty well.

Why I was drawn to this material, I just don’t know.  It’s kind of a historical fabric I guess.  It’s got like civil war hats, guns, cannons, and all sorts of things on it.  Quite a weird mixture of objects on it.  Every time I look at it, I see something that I missed before!

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  If you didn’t get in on the Valentine’s Bible Memory Challenge this year, you can still pick up the download for it on this post.

Thanks for stopping in.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




Don’t get mugged!

It’s time for another Friday Find!  Sharing a new video today from Wonder Forest (Dana) over on You Tube.  Dana is a great water color artist and has lots of tips and things like that.  She just did a new video on You Tube, making marble painted mugs.  So darling!

I’m thinking this might be a cute project for women’s ministry groups.   She uses porcelain paint on these but that will go a long way as it doesn’t require much so this would be great for a group to tackle.  Looks like fun to me!

I’m embedding the video here but you can check out Wonder Forest’s You Tube channel here in case you are into water coloring.  Dana makes it pretty easy.  She offers a workshop too.  Maybe when I get some extra cash, I’ll take it because I would so love to learn more from her.

Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Me?  Well, I’ll be cleaning in my garage.  My husband and I are doing the purging thing.  Well…I am.  I’m not seeming to get much help with this right now.  Everyone in my family is so busy, but I am determined to get rid of the clutter everywhere in my house.  Hey!  Spring’s a coming!!  Hope you are doing something more fun this weekend than cleaning.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!




Get your sweet on!

I’ve been roaming through my files for things I have saved and searching out some fun things for Friday Finds.  Today I thought I’d share some cute little Valentine’s Day tags that you can put with a sweet treat.  Wow!  Valentine’s is sneaking up on us fast.

I’m thinking these tags would be nice for a little something for your girlfriends or secret sister perhaps.  They are free to print out.

These come from a blog called, Crazy Little Projects.  Don’t you just love the name of that blog?   The owner, Amber, has got a little bit of baking, sewing, and all kinds of crafty tucked away over there.

Cute Valentines Day Packaging Free Printable

Thank you to Amber of Crazy Little Projects for the use of her photo.

Here is the direct link to find these cute little free printable tags to perk up your Valentine’s Day sweets.  Be sure to leave a “thank you” in her blog comments.

Cute Valentine’s Gift Tags and Packaging Ideas (Crazy Little Projects)

Thanks for stopping in.

Don’t forget–Today is Day 3 of the “Love Talk” Bible Memory Challenge.  Hope you will join in.

Have a creative day,

Have a creative day!

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